Friday, 6 November 2015

My perfect class register with a Random Team Maker

Here is the link to the class register that I use everyday with my classes. It is a Google Sheet that I access on my macbook or iPad. It acts as my register for attendance, recording who forgot PE kit, recording assessment details and uses to create random teams. The original idea, which I have adapted came from

Please feel free to make a copy of this register to use.

The attendance section has used conditional formatting to create coloured responses, so I can easily spot patterns of no attendance, or forgetting kit.

I have used data validation to create a quick basic pull down of criteria to record how students are doing on different criteria / standards.

The exciting part of the register, is that it uses as a random name or team maker.
To do this I copy the students' first names into the penultimate sheet (tabs at the bottom of the google sheet). 

The next stage is to publish to the web, from the file menu.

Then copy the link, when published

The link is then pasted into the last sheet (tabs at the bottom of google sheets), where it tells you to. 
 Then it a case of clicking on link in blue, which opens up a new tab, giving you lots of choices - ie in pairs or into 4 teams and much more.