Thursday, 16 January 2014

Little things to help become more organised!

The more I explore apps and Google extensions I realise the many ways there are of making life more efficient.

Traditionally I have been a pen and paper person, making notes on scraps of paper and the desk blotter under my keyboard - then have to remember where it was I put the reminder!

Lately I have being using Wunderlist, a to do list which is synced with all my devices. Now when I am at home and think of an idea it is synced to the computer at school straight off - no more search in pockets for the scrap of paper!

I am also someone who works from several different tabs at the same time, often having to flick between then to search for information to put into another one (most my work is now on Google docs). The answer is a Google chrome extension called Window Tiler 

This extension automatically arranges my different windows into no overlapping tiles, at the press of a button - no more resizing windows!

Thanks to @mrrobbo and @alicekeeler for the ideas - two people worth following!


  1. I've been using tasks more, it links to google calendar so I don't forget to check my lists. Looking into Wunderlist now though. Seems great. I love it when the tasks pop up on my phone though, I never have to think about anything.

  2. I love the window tiler idea.
    Thanks for that!